2018-2019 RACES

Myanmar-based endurance sporting events have grown in participation and popularity since Bike World organized the country’s first Adventure Triathlon in 2017.

The 2018-2019 season begins November 4th with a 90-km road bike race in the Paunggyi area, followed two weeks later by a 50-km mountain bike race on November 18th in neighboring Kalitaw. Phone 09-540-0703 (Ko Kyi) or 09-513-4190 (Jeff) to find out more.

TWO triathlons will take place during cool season:

1) December 2nd, 2018 in Ngwe Saung, near Pathein, Ayeyarwady Region

2) January 20th, 2019 in the area of the Alaingni Dam near Bago

These triathlons will both consist of 800-meter swims, 35-km cycling courses, and 10-km runs.

Significant cash prizes will go to the top three finishers in each of the races. The Ngwe Saung race, which will be sponsored in part by the Ngwe Saung Yacht Club and Resort, also offers a team competition option.


**Click here to register online for the December 2nd, 2018 Ngwe Saung triathlon**

**Click here to register online for the January 20th, 2019 Yangon area (Alaingni) triathlon**

You can also register in person at the Bike World bike shop on Kan Rd. or at the Bike World guest house on Khabaung Rd.

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or send an email message to [email protected]



Nearly 90 racers showed up for the 2nd annual Myanmar Adventure Triathlon, held 28 January 2018. The participants, half from Myanmar and one quarter women, represented 14 countries.

The event combined swimming, (800m), mountain biking (35km), and trail running (8km).

Final results for all racers at the 2018 triathlon can be found below.

The 1st annual event, in February 2017, attracted about 70 participants. Here are the timings from that day. Bike World sponsored both triathlons.

Bib NumberRacer Final finishing timeOverall placeWomen placeMen place
70Kyaw Htet Aung*M2:13:371 1
69Htay Ko Ko*M2:20:372 2
4Arnaud BarreiraM2:24:483 3
78Charles DupoizatM2:32:264 4
19Florian von FischerM2:32:485 5
86Kyaw Ko HtayM2:39:266 6
42Erwin Sikma*M2:39:407 7
27Julien Le RouxM2:44:098 8
48Owen HaywoodM2:45:339 9
68Gregory HaywoodM2:45:339 9
11Chad Tilley*M2:45:5010 10
64Yoshinobu MatsuiM2:46:4111 11
23Hilary Oliva FaxonW2:46:46121 
82Kyaw HtayM2:47:2213 12
61Yan Nine LinM2:47:4014 13
87Htat WinM2:48:4815 14
33Ispe YangonW2:50:07162 
17Edward AlexanderM2:55:4817 15
32Lawrence AlexanderM2:55:4817 15
54Sandor Leinwand recte Rein*M2:55:5818 16
2Andrew Bunt*M2:56:0419 17
41San WinM2:56:1920 18
20Alex MartinM2:56:4521 19
3Teun van VlerkenM2:57:3522 20
74Nay Myo Aung @ David ArmstrongM2:59:0823 21
36Ludo FabbroW2:59:24243 
60Will FrancisM2:59:4725 22
16Devon SigmanW3:00:09264 
50Phone PyaeSone Paing*M3:00:4127 23
67Saw Thaw Thi HtooM3:00:4628 24
34Lindsay ShearerW3:01:20295 
21Hannah BaletaW3:01:31306 
53Raymond SiebritsM3:01:3330 25
56Soundous DrissiW3:05:45317 
25Jerome Leon Maria Tonnaer*M3:07:2132 26
9Brad EdwardsM3:10:2833 27
59Victoria MartinW3:11:3034 8
75Si Thu Yein PhoM3:11:3835 28
30Ye Wint Naing*M3:12:0236 29
55Sean BeesleyM3:12:5737 30
38Mark CvengrosM3:13:403831
15Desirée Jennifer ImmerzeelW3:16:1139 9
10Cat Frazer*W3:16:494010 
18Erin SheddW3:18:054111 
73Mari OyeW3:19:474212 
49Pasquale Capizzi*M3:22:044332
5Aung Moe Myint*M3:22:2544 33
52Rayke Nelis
28Jules Fougeroux de CampigneullesM3:27:594634
8Bente Anna MeindertsnaW3:32:034714 
31Kyaw Soe HeinM3:34:0548 35
83Ye HienM3:37:5849 36
40Marleen BrouwerW3:38:375015 
24Htun HlaingM3:42:1551 37
46Nay Lin HtikeM3:43:1552 38
26Joelle CharbonneauW3:44:195316 
7Aung Ye HtutM3:46:3654 39
76Peter NovakM3:47:4355 40
44Myat Thu HeinM3:48:4456 41
35Loc PhamM3:49:0257 42
81Michael Tu TuM3:51:2958 43
6Aung Par Say Htet OoM3:52:5759 44
62Zaw Aung @ David O’ HaraM3:54:3760 45
43Michel FleurantM3:58:5661 46
84Aung Min ThetM4:01:2262 47
85Ko Myo MinM4:01:2563 48
1Agnaldo Dias QuintelaMDNF   
12Christine AndersonWDNF   
13Chit Chit Pan MoeWDNF   
22Aung Ye HtutMDNF   
37Lwin Maung OoMDNF   
39Mark PrykazaMDNF   
58Tun TunMDNF   
65Kyaw ThatMDNF   
72Yan Myo AungMDNF   
77Bo Bo MaungMDNF   
79Ti KoMDNF   
80Soe MoeMDNF   
14David MelodyMDNS   
29Kaung MyatMDNS   
45Myo WinMDNS   
47Nay WinMDNS   
51Pyae SoneMDNS   
57Thet AungMDNS   
63Zaw Sein LattMDNS   
66Hla OoMDNS   
71Koen DerksMDNS   
88Aung Pa ZayMDNS   

* also raced in 2017 Myanmar Adventure Triathlon 

DNF = did not finish

DNS = did not start