Kalitaw School

Bike World Gives Back

Bike World and its customers help support a countryside school that sits along the route of one of our most popular rides.

Kalitaw School exists thanks to the dedication of a single monk who believes the kids of his community deserve a chance, and to the generosity of many bicyclists.

Please consider donating to keep this worthy effort moving forward.

Kalitaw School

Situated above a gorgeous reservoir along a dirt track in a rural area about one hour from Yangon, a small school has struggled to educate the children of local fishermen, bamboo cutters, and rubber plantation workers.

Bike World came across the rudimentary bamboo shelter several years ago and have helped to rebuild it several times. In 2016 a permanent steel, concrete and brick structure was built using over $20,000 (US) in generous donations from regular riders and friends.

The handsome structure will be around for many years to come. Since its dedication the student population has grown to more than 50 students of all ages, from the 10 to 20 who formerly attended.

Teaching has progressed from one monk giving lessons in 2010, to two qualified full-time teachers. Children have also received vaccinations, visits from volunteer teachers.

You can be sure that 100% of financial contributions are passed along to the Kalitaw School to cover teacher salaries, fuel and consumables. Currently these costs run about $300 per month.

If you would like to donate please contact Jeff directly at 09-513-4190 or milkmast@gmail.com .